Be The Change Postcards

It’s a tricky time to be an American, no matter which way your politics lean. Hopefully we can all agree that democracy is worth working for. We believe there’s room for all of us in this work-in-progress country of ours, and are working for a more inclusive, creative, kind and just country. And we’re starting here, one postcard at a time. We’re standing up for equal rights, the free and fair press, affordable healthcare, refugees and immigrants, our LGBTQ friends, gun safety, dignity for people with disabilities, the National Parks, the arts, peace, the planet earth and each other.

We’ve designed three postcards, two ways. We have a limited number of pre-printed cards that we’d be thrilled to send you, free! We also have .pdfs of the postcard art available, so you can diy it, and print at home (or at your printer of choice) Also free.

You can use the postcards to mail any and all of your elected officials and representatives (including those who are already doing a great job and you’d like to encourage them to keep at it), to your friends and family, or just hang onto them for a little personal inspiration.

We hope they help. We’re all in this together!

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Resources: Who’s my representative? (names and addresses, sorted by zip code),  USA.Gov (all contacts for all agencies), Indivisible!, Women’s March (including 100 actions/100 days), The New York Times, National Public Radio, ACLU, Planned Parenthood, International Rescue Committee (IRC-Refugee Resettlement and Support, The National Parks Service, and