The Schemers

IMG_6943This is actually a Team Scheme, and Kim Tackett is the schemer-in-chief. The schemer-who-makes-things-awesome, is Steve Barbaria. Kim and Steve have a day gig, Tackett+Barbaria, a design and marketing studio in Sacramento, CA.

Kim writes at Tour of No Regrets. She makes up ideas like other people make cups of coffee. Which, coincidentally, fuels her need to make things happen.

Steve is a designer and artist, and some of his fine art can be seen at His preferred mode of transportation is his bike, always his bike. Kim and Steve have two spectacular grown and flown daughters, Kate and Alex, and a very cool son-in-law, Brendan. They live in Davis, CA.

We’re happy you stopped by. Say hi, and let us know if you’d like some stickers or postcards. And come back and see if we’re making progress on our schemes, our dreams, and our shop.



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  1. kate Reply

    Timing is perfect: there’s a 26 acts of kindness movement that honors the SH victims from now until 12/14. I believe we should do this all the time, not just in days leading up to dreaded anniversary, but it gets national focus and any kindness is good kindness! Here’s the FB event page should you be interested: Second Annual 26 Days of Kindness Event
    There’s also info here:
    Also, one victim, Charlotte Bacon, her family started Newtown Kindness, which is also a fabulous group and honors people demonstrating kindness nationwide:
    FYI: not my groups, organizations, charities. No vested interest whatsoever. I just live here, and thought I’d share.
    Thanks for this kind and generous page. Peace.

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